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What Does Your Gut Microbiome Say About You?

Did you know that your microbiome is essentially another organ in your body? It helps you digest food, create nutrients, combat pathogens and it also plays a vital role in the development of your immune system. Your gut microbiome is home to a treasure trove of information about your lifestyle. Not only does it hold information about the foods we eat and drinks we drink, but it is also believed that your microbiome plays a critical role in everything from autoimmune diseases to obesity. It’s safe to say that your gut microbiome might just play the single biggest role in determining your overall health and human performance! But in order to optimise your health and perform at your peak, you...

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Gut Health | Signs & Symptoms of an Unhealthy Gut

Gut health has been the centre of heated debates in the last few years, and for good reason! Not only have studies found that a healthy gut is essential to a healthy body, but new research suggests that gut health can in fact impact every other aspect of your human health. Yes, you read that right – EVERY other aspect of your human health! The connection is so clear that I’m going to go as far as saying that if you can change your gut, you can change your life! But how can you identify that that your gut bacteria is out of whack, and more importantly, what can you do to improve it? Well. you’ve come to the right...

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Iron on a Plant-Based, Vegan, or Vegetarian Diet

One of the most common concerns for anyone interested in transitioning to a plant-based diet is whether or not they will get enough iron from their food, and rightly so. And while low iron levels are not necessarily a concern for everyone who follows plant-based diet, there are definitely those who do find it a challenge to obtain enough dietary iron without eating meat. Iron deficiency is one of the most common in the world, and not just with plant-based diets. This doesn’t mean it is impossible though, just that it takes a little work and understanding of which foods contain iron, along with an awareness of how to best promote its absorption. Iron is an extremely important nutrient because...

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